Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Ol' Days Walt Disney Studios

Ah, those good ol' days when Walt Disney Studios in Paris used to be a clean car-friendly parking lot! Nowaydays it's so different!: colorful walls, grass and trees almost everywhere, but nothing will beat the astonishing look of the first glorious days! How much I miss all that greyness, that sharpness, that emptiness...

First, a picture featuring the entrance to "The Art of Animation" building: yes, there are some colorful and impressive structures, but don't forget that this attraction is very close to the entrance so Imagineers had to find the right mixture between the world of wonderful Disneyland Resort Paris and the world of steel, concrete and giant billboards of Walt Disney Studios. What an achievement!

Here we are now! A tacky food cart, an unthemed asphalt floor, some fences and a giant billboard portraing a cd and a roller coaster track. Now, that's imagineering at its best!

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