Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Small World galore!

And now it's time for the "It's a Small World" Extravaganza! As you know it's a small world is one of my favorite attractions, a perfect and mysteriously achieved balance between cuteness and plain simple beauty. Everytime I ride the attraction the mixture between colors always leave me breathless. And how many times have I tried to take pictures of that magic blend only to get blurry pictures? Once, in 2005 something magic happened to my camera as I took quite sharp pictures while riding, so I can finally share the interior with all of you who have never rode this masterchief.

Lets begin with a few shots of the European area. Appreciate the neat hill covered with a Scottish texture and right to the left a joyful Lochness Monster (partly hidden). In the foreground, giant flowers. Do I have to say something about the wonderfully balanced colors?...

Let's go back home, to Italy, now! Florence (the bridge), Pisa (the leaning tower), Venice (the gondola)... just perfect! take a look at how well Imagineers managed to blend three Italian icons coming from very different cities in one consistent environment: that's craftmanship!

Right next to Italy lies Switzerland...

and just across the riverbend there's something in the air (didn't know I live so close to China ;-)

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