Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm back, back to the past!

Ciao a tutti! How are you doing?

I'm fine and am sorry for the long silence, but I got almost swallowed by my work and just a few days ago I managed to survive and be back on track. Those of you (very few, I suppose) who read my blog in Italian about my very own personal life may have already guessed it but all readers deserve an explanation, even those who don't speak Italian!

I just bought the new iMac and managed to upload lots of pictures from my past trip to Disneyland Paris, so which better way to start again than by showing some pictures of the Walt Disney Studios Park back in 2002, when it was just a giant parking lot with some warehouses on it? I strongly remember the day of my firs visit: there was nothing to take a picture of! That's kind of a milestone for a disney park, don't you think?

Even though, these shots (especially the night ones) are quite nice, aren't they?

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