Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sorcerer Mickey to the rescue!

A lot has already been said about the total lack of charme and pleasantness of Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris and, even though I couldn't agree more, I will not focus this time on this subject. I will cast a spot instead on the recent and much needed efforts Walt Disney Imagineering is doing to make this place a little more welcoming and colorful, and precisely to the Sorcerer Mickey Statue that is gracing the gates of Toon Studio.

Firs, an establishing shot:

I know, it's not the Tree of Life but it's so much better than the gray concrete esplanade there was once: sleek, colorful, energic, dynamic. Now, that's something that really can set the mood of an entire land. Some may say it still looks like something nice thrown away in a still too rigid environment but don't forget the aim here was not to re-design a land but to add touches that would make it more appealing, without making it too much different (and better) than other area of the park. I mean, a ToonTown-like makeover wouldn't have blended with the look of the park as a whole, very close to what real studios look like (giant squared warehouses, with empty corridors surrounding them).

Close-ups of the statue are even better:

And finally, only a few noticed Mickey is closely supervising the works on Walt Disney Studios' Tower of Terror. Let's all hope Mickey will give the right suggestions and support to the people working on it and that our new E-ticket will live up to its expectations!

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