Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A brand new Lucky Nugget Saloon

Last time I visited Disneyland Paris, I had the chance to see a brand new Frontierland: to break it to you, it was like seeing the first time the world in color after a life in black and white. Before the refurbishments began, the buildings of Frontierland all looked like the town of Big Thunder was cursed like Ravenswood Manor, but it was just greedy management.
Now the color are vibrant, creating a nice contrast to the dilapidated look of Phantom Manor.

Now, a nice detail. The first day of my visit, I took a picture of the Saloon and felt something strange, like missing, but couldn't understand what.

On the following day, I realised it: the day before the shadow behind some of the lettering was missing, but they worked overnight and finished the job in time for a brand new day.

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