Thursday, April 19, 2007

Useless pictures

Matterhorn1959 has post in the past weeks in his wonderful blog Stuff from the Park a very interesting collections of pictures os signs taken in Disneyland: some amusing, others just beautiful, all definetely worth a look.

But you know what I like most about this kind of pictures?
Even if when I took them, I sometimes feel like a stupid, or when I show them to my friends after my expensive vacation at Disneyland, it always makes my friends think that I'm a really weird but funny guy who spent lots of money just to take pictures of useless spots, the truth is that as time goes by those pictures get better and better, while other get easily forgotten.
What I mean here is that everybody takes pictures of, say, Main Street Usa with the castle shimmering at the end of the street, and after a while there's nothing personal, peculiar, really interesting in this kind of pictures and they all start looking the same. But those pictures taken almost by chance... They never stop to interest me and to spark my curiosity.

So here are some pictures of store signs and details I took at Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasyland... with the hope in the fifty years or so they will get more and more intersting.

By the way, thanks to all the people who visited my blog during these months. I really appreciate and please, leave comments if you like: I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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Matterhorn1959 said...

The Queen of Hearts sign is great. Like you, I now take pictures of signs as I never know when a sign may be removed or changed.