Monday, April 16, 2007

Disney's Ambassador Hotel

When I decided to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort, I first tried to book a room at the Miracosta, but the least expensive ones were already gone and the available rooms were way too much expensive for my pocket. So I switched to the Ambassador wich was a little less expensive. I didn't take into consideration one of the official hotels because I was curious about staying in a Disney Hotel during my stay. Simply put, my experience at the Ambassador was breathtaking: the services was top notch, every cast member always strove for perfection and the theming was incredible.
For instance, have a look at these pictures of the Tick Tock Diner.

The official website describes it as "Styled after a 1950s diner" but to me it reminds me much more an Art Deco 30's kind of diner. Cold. Classy. Elegant. A little mysterious. Just think about "Dark City", the almost forgotten 1998 sci-fi movie and you'll get what I mean.

Unfortunately I planned to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort during my last days in Japan, so I didn't have all that much money. Otherwise I would have tried this small sandwich diner. Instead, I wander for a while, taking pictures and being gently but firmly stared at by the kind cast members behind the counter.

After a full day at Tokyo DisneySEA, how about being welcomed by this classy porte-cochere?

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