Sunday, May 31, 2009

Candy galore

There no Sunday morning stroll on Main Street U.S.A. without a visit to the Candy Palace to grab some candies to survive the walk to Sleeping Beauty's Castles. Those of you who follow this blog since its launch will probably remember my fond love for this store on Disneyland Paris' Main Street and my concerns when I first heard it was going to be refurbished slighly more than a year ago. My friend at "Sparkling Castle" blog visited the new shop a few months after its reopening and said quite good things about it, yet I was scared. Well, now I saw with my own very eyes and can fully agree with him! The color scheme is ligher and fluffier without being corny and cheesy. The ceiling now features a wallaper looking like a pink and white striped tent wich looks really fresh and elegant at the same time. And now, for you to enjoy, some of my pictures of this place. Too bad you can't smell the vanilla fudge perfume pervading this place...

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