Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from Disneyland, ready to post

Less than a week ago, I was enjoying my time at the Disneyland Resort Paris, where I spent four full magical days. That basically means one hugely good thing for this blog: I have tons of new pictures to share with you! Everything was magic as usual there but the biggest surprise was the weather wich, for the first time in my experience of Disneyland Paris, was incredibly mild and pleasant, with clear blue skies dotted by innocent clouds, a sparkling breeze and that cuddling warmth it just makes you feel happy to be alive. So... Ready, set, go!

You should all now bu now I really love Main Street U.S.A. and always start my visit with a nice and quiet stroll, taking my time to listen to the music, watch the beautiful buildings and wonder at those beautiful little details. Like this sign on the Main Street Transport Deposit...

...or these intricated wood swirls gracing the waiting area in front of the restrooms...

And what about the American flag framed by the colums of the Emporium?

or the entrance to the Liberty Arcade?

Oh by the way, I live here...

and that's where I usually have my cup of coffee in the morning (sigh!)

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