Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time for some window sightseeing

First, please all welcome Isabel Girão and John Rozum, Town Square Photography's new followers. Thanks Isabel and John: hope to keep up to your expectations!
Let then move to this post's subject: the wonderful windows of Main Stree U.S.A.! One of the most underrated yet most delightful features of Main Street U.S.A., the windows of Main Street feature wondeful designs and shapes and incredibly detailed decorations. The rushing-to-nowhere kind of guests will probably not even realise there's actually something to enjoy not at eye-level, so let's just have pity of them and move on :-) Instead, take-your-time kind of guests, like we are, will grab some rice crispies treats at the candy store then raise their eyes and not only enjoy the incredibly detailed designs but also learn something new about the people who made this park a reality.

Like Michael Eisner and Frank Wells who joined the company in 1984 (just the perfect time to translate with ease in turn-of-the-century Main Street)...

...or Robert Fitzpatrick, chairman of the Euro Disney Resort until 1993, well known for his famous reply to French intellectuals speaking out against american colonisation of the French culture ("We didn’t come in and say O.K., we’re going to put a beret and a baguette on Mickey Mouse. We are who we are) wich backfired in almost no time in titles on the newspaper saying Americans see French as the lousiest stereotype".

One apologie: sometimes my English is fine, sometimes it just sucks. This time sucked. Please have mercy of it today. Mamma mia!


myblackfriendsays said...

Hey Massimo-

I heard yesterday about the earthquake. I just hope that you, your family and friends are all ok--you will be in our thoughts.

Massimo said...

Dear myblackfriendsays,
thank you for your thought: we live in Turin, Piedmon far northwest Italy and the earthquake didn't reach us, though we all have relatives and friends who live closer and happened to be reached by it.
I experienced the 1980 earthquake (it was bigger than this one) when I was still living with my family in Bari (South Italy): I was 5 years old but still remember anything of that night and had nightmares for the following five years. I know what an earthquake feels like and hope the families touched by this will recover as soon as possible. Thank you again for your thoughts. I really appreciated that.