Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fantasyland Theatre

There's an insisting rumor that the Fantasyland Theatre in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris will be bulldozed in the following years to make way to the European version of Disney's Calfornia Adventure's "The Little Mermaid" ride wich is rumored to be of the best ride WDI ever designed. The Fantasyland Theatre is a lovely building made of bricks, glass and steel and even though it was definitely not used as much as planned, if rumors prove true and the building will be demolished, I will surely miss it. That said, I building and attractions won rewards based on the numers of pictures taken of it, Famtasyland Theatre would be cursed: here are the only two pictures I found in more that ten trip to Disneyland Resort Paris.

This last one, taken on a foggy winter day, is from the right side, close to Alice's Curious Labyrinth and you can see the Fantasyland station on top of the theatre building. I'm surely going to take some more pictures of it next May.

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