Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time to rest: let's go to New York!

Disney's Hotel New York hasn't always been my favorite disney hotel at Disneyland Resort Paris: I used to like Disney's Hotel Cheyenne and Disney's Newport Bay Club much better, maybe because of their easier to understand and very well designed theming. The New York just featured a very distinctive post-modern look at it lacked that disney touch: no disney New York, no instantly recognisable icons, just a quite cold interpretation if the skyscapers theme. I just feeled and feared it would have aged very soon and become a sad reminder of the time Euro Disney Resort was built.

Well, I was wrong. I stayed once at it because the Disneyland Hotel was too expensive and my boyfriend and I wanted something better than the Newport, wich we chose the time before and found crowded beyond imagination. I was skeptical at first, but I must say I found it just perfect. It's true, it lack disney characters and a cartoonish look but I discovered that was not a minus! It made us enjoy an adult environment while still staying at disney.

Let's take a look.
Here's the left side of the building, much shorter than the central structure. Ok, I find the benches quite old (it reminds me all the flashy stars-and-stripes shirts and denims we all wore in the 80's... and I'm living in Italy!), but I like the court, the grass and the tall trees (they're not dead, it just wintertime in Paris...).

Here's the main building. What can I say? It's post-modern definetely, but got better with time, as lot of post-modern architecture unfortunately didn't. Just in front of the main building, there's an ice rink, hidden in the picture by the bushes at the center of the picture.

Here's a closer look of the bush! Well, I wanted to show the right wing of the hotel, featuring the restaurants where we have our breakfast.

A detail...

And a grand total (no, the picture's different from the second I posted). I especially like the red plants at the base of the (dead) trees, definetely consistent with the squared and triangled look of the building. I like it, it still surprises me. Your thoughts?


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Great shots of the hotel.

Do you have any interior pictures?

Massimo said...

See, my next post... :-)