Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A room in New York

Some of you asked for some pictures of the interior of the hotel. Well, unfortunatley I don't have pictures of the restaurants and the New York City Bar (too busy enjoying them all!) but I managed to take some pictures of my room, wich has a very nice backside story. We had booked a lake view room but when we entered our room we found the housekeeping still working in it. Almost instantly a manager came, apologised and gave us an upgrade to a room with a an even better view! That's service! Here our room:

Here's the stunning view from our spot in the sky. Disney's Newport Bay Club is in the background on the left. At the bottom, the ice rink.

A closer view of the Lake Disney and the huge structure of the Newport.
Here's the view from our first room: we could see the Disney Village with the old imposing steel pillars, wich I miss so much, and...

a very ynique view of the Disneyland Hotel, the peak of Big Thunder Mountain and the top Indiana Jone and the Temple of Peril!


Biblioadonis aka George said...


It looks like it is was a beautiful place to stay. It is strange to see a Disney park in the winter. We are so used to seeing Orlando and Anaheim skies.

Massimo said...

I'd love to be used to those skies too, even though I must admit I learnt to appreciate the park in a freezing cold winter and now, I slightly prefer it during the cold months. Furthermore summer days at Disneyland Paris (quite often) feature oppressive white skies and a hot and humid weather!