Saturday, May 26, 2007

Toon Towns and Toon Studios

In a few days there will finally be a decent reason to visit Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Resort Paris again since my first visit way back in 2002, when the park first opened: on June 9th a Toon Studio will finally open and bring to that dreary concrete esplanade formerly known as Animation Courtyard a little bit of color and fun and along with them that much needed sense of out-of-this-worldness that makes a disney park so much fun.

Even though Toon Studios is a shadow of what the concept would have allowed (if you have ever visited Toon Town, you know what I am saying here...), still there's at least one area of the park that's full of colors, vegetation and even some very well crafted rocks!...

But wait! There already are some Toon Studios, and not in Paris but in Japan!

Well, to be honest they belong to Mr. Maroon of Maroon Studios, the world renowned animation studios that brought us such classic characters as Roger Rabbit, Baby Herman and fabulous Jessica Rabbit and are not open to the public.

Jump-cut to Walt Disney Studios' Toon Studio... wouldn't have been great to have the huge buildings hiding Crush's Coaster been themed with a more cartoonish look as Mr. Maroon did?

By the way, it seems Maroon Studios recently rented his facilities to an international blockbuster production starring the British star Winnie the Pooh tentatively titled Pooh's Hunny Hunt (spelling is not final) but maybe that's just some wrong internet buzz...

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Ale said...

che meraviglia meravigliosa!
hey, ma l'avete comprato il chernabog wdcc?? :O