Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Small World, Tokyo

If you read this blog quite often, you already know probably that I belong to the half of the world who loves it's a small world so I guess it's no wonder I looked forward to riding it's a small world when I visited Tokyo Disneyland. I heard it was somewhat different from the one I remember and love , the Disneyland Paris one.
Well, it was different, definetely and I'm sorry to say it was not better. The exterior features much brighter colors instead of the light yellows, pinks and blue I'm used to. But that wasn't an issue.

What disappointed me most, was the queueing area, totally unthemed and even a little too claustrophobic (just a passage with white walls) and the large load/unload area, a giant room with nothing but painted walls. I mean, Mary Blair's artwork was still stunning and beautiful but it looked to me as it was just slapped on the walls of a huge hall. A detail: the roof was black dark, while in Paris it's more like a dark blueish violet. I prefer the last one even though I must admit that black is much more consistent to the style of Mary Blair's conceps, in which she usually loves putting together in a vibrant contrast bright colors on a dark black cardboard. I don't know... maybe sometimes being to faithful to a style that looks perfet on paper is not the right thing to do?...

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Davelandweb said...

That color scheme on the building exterior is hideous!