Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Captain Nemo Submarine

Captain Nemo 's adventures under the seven seas has always fascinated me: it has always embodied a sense of adventure, mystery, unknown and exploration together with a strong trust in a better future: in a few words, Walt's vision of the future.

I guess you can now understand why I always loved so much Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland and was literally blown away by Tokyo DisneySEA's Mysterious Island. Last time I visited the French park I took some pictures of the interior of Nemo's Submarine.

Before entering the submarine, you follow a narrow path built under the earth: very mysterious and it really helps in building the right expectation (remember my past post?)
Then you enter the submarine itself and the colors, sounds and props capture your mind: you're under the sea.

Where's Captain Nemo? Maybe he just left the room with that staircase.

What's waiting in the nex room?


George Bailey said...

Who knows? Maybe Captain Nemo himself...

Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Disneyland Park!

Massimo said...

Thanks for the comment! Happy birthday Disneyland Paris from me too!

The Tall Guy said...

Beautiful pics here. I am in agreement with you that the queue for the ride really sets the mood and can be a fun experience. Lots of people are missing out on the beauty and hard work that went into this stuff. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!!! Enjoy the ride. Thanks for this great blog!