Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Thunder Mountain Queueing Area

I don't know if you're one the ones who like using fastpasses. When I first heard of this new feature being added to the most famous, thus crowded, attractions I couldn't help but feel something a little sad was happening. Queueing in a disney theme park is not an empty void before the real attractions but it's supposed to be an useful chance to get acquainted with the theme and the story that will be told and lived when riding the attraction. But what happens if there's another queue cutting right to the load/unload area? The anticipation build while waiting is lost and the experience the attraction as a whole is strongly diminished. I think Fastfass is useful but misguiding guests and spoiling them in not letting them teach that waiting to ride can sometimes be as fun as riding itself. Here a detailed tour of the queueing area of Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain.

Guests usually run as fast as they can when riding, nervously watching the watch and and the map... Hey! Stop and start exploring what's around you!

We're not in Paris anymore, we're exploring a cave where gold has just been found! We're a dangerous area, full of strange machines, sounds and sights!

Ok, you're right: that lousy family started queueing behind you and is now at least five happy families forward, but who cares? We will ride the train too but unlike running-fast guests I now am enjoying incredible sights.

A blue sky, some green trees, and the warmth of old wood...

...gears, signs, barrels. This placing must have been burstling with life! I look forward to rid the train.

Trust me: next time, let others get driven by the hurry to get there and take some time to enjoy getting there too.

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Davelandweb said...

Very well written on the fast-pass concept; I have noticed that at Disneyland in Anaheim they have been slowly removing it from a number of the rides.