Monday, January 21, 2008

Adventure Thru Inner Adventureland

Let's continue our tour of Disneyland Paris' Adventureland Bazaar!
The area was designed as a visual welcome to guests entering the land and as a strong visual statement to set the right mood as soon as possible. Boy, did the imagineers deliver it!
The delicate and charming visual broidery of Main Steet U.S.A. suddenly jump-cut to a forest of turrets, minarets, onion-shaped domes while colors pattern turn from mild pastels to brave reds, turquoises and oranges.

By the way, I'm not one of those who with a consistency-or-bust attitude. I mean, consistency if fundamental when designing a land or an attraction but I love to have those tiny inconsistent details peeking behind a wall, like a shimmering gold gothic turret among minarets and turrets (see below): it's like a teaser on a grander scale, a huge reminder that even though I'm stunned and lost in the land I'm in at the moment, there's a whole world out there, even more stunning just waiting for me. That's magic!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these with us!

There aren't a lot of pics about DLP on the blog-o-sphere.

Massimo said...

Thamks for your comment!
I have lots of pictures to share but so little time! Let's keep in touch!