Sunday, February 22, 2009

to Disneyland Paris... and beyond!

Dear readers all,
it's been quite a long time since my last post. You all can easily guess what happened: real life took over and finding a little bit of time to post became harder and harder. I kept checking the stats about Town Square Photography though and found, to my greatest surprise, that the site is still visited every single day by people from all over the world still looking for pictures and thoughts about Disneyland Paris (basically). I even got two regular readers (hello Pricess Fee! Hello Dew!).
Well, here's the good news: after a long hiatus (life took its toll, as I said before), I'll be visiting Disneyland Paris in May, arriving on the 10th and leaving the 14th! I'm really looking forward to being strolling along Main Street and wander through Adventureland. In the following days I'll keep you updated as the vacation schedule more and more precise! So, stay tuned!

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