Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a Small World galore, part III

And now, let's go have a look at North America! Here we are in the middle of the Wild Frontier: cactuses, weird-looking rocks, snowy mountains in the background and a frontier town with a chuckwagon that's just parked. Even the sun changed its appearance (see my previous post).
Wait, North America is not just about the Wild West: there are the sleepy towns and the city that never sleeps, and let's don't forget about Canada! (By the way, I think among the skyscraprers of New York City, World Trade Center is still there. They were wise enough to keep it there).

And what's right next to the Statue of Liberty? C'mon Newyorkers, theGolden Gate, of course!

Then, the magic spell on my camera ended and picture started to look blurry again. But I was lucky enough to take one final picture of the Grand Finale, where all children of the world dance in a blu, silver and pink extravaganza! I often wonder if they did the right thing by letting the roof of the building so visible: wouldn't it be better if it were black? Then I come to my senses and realise that a dark black background would have given the ride a much darker look (even though more truthful to Mary Blair's original artwork), while here the core message was friendship and most of all, that the more color and differences the more beauty!

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