Thursday, August 02, 2007

Something more about me

If in the past months you read this blog and happened to like my posts and wanted to know a little more about myself, you can finally visit Kawaille, my brand new blog excusively designed to house all my personal thoughts and pictures. Beware though: Kawaille speaks Italian only, so it might be a little hard to understand it at first. Nonetheless if you're attending an Italian class and need a little excercise, or always wanted to learn Italian but never knew where to start, this could be just the right place to go!

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Dr Bitz said...

The Doctor loves all things Lake Como, La Villa D"Este and especially Piero Fornasetti. My favorite memory of the trip is renting an Alfa Romeo and playing the music of Henry Mancini as we sped around it's weaving perimeter. Climbing the folly was fun too. Now I listen to Milanese chill and lounge, like the Montefiori Cocktail and the Dining Rooms.

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