Friday, March 16, 2007

What's that big mask up there?

Time to move to the firs floor! Let's take the automatic escalator and...

Here we are to beautiful first floor, wich received I don't know when exactly a special Pirates makeover. Again, lots of disney merchandise you don't usually get at Disney Stores.

The main feature here is this giant I-don't-know what... My friends ad I actually talked a lot about it, trying to understand what imagineers wanted to do here. Here are our conclusion, but if somebody knows more, please let us know!
  • The eyes and nose remind the wicked wich of Snow White;
  • The iron arms may suggest the Statue of Liberty Crown, or maybe a Mardi Gras Decoration (in NYC though? But... if the Statue of Libery interpretation is right, why the decadent look?
  • Finally, it could be a fool's hat, but why in iron?
Your thoughts?

... by the way, you may agree or disagree on ur final interpretation, but the freakiest feature of all is tha the eyes follow you... everywhere! Don't believe me? Let the wicked wich show it to you!

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