Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Main Street U.S.A. Paris Panoramic Shots

Main Street East Side

Main Street West Side

Main Street Crossroads

My favorite land of all Disneylands is Disneyland Paris' Main Street U.S.A.
The vibrant colors, the elaborate decorations of the buildings, the right balance between nostalgia and enthusiasm about the future... in my own opion it's basically what Disney is all about.
My endless love for Main Street once pushed me to take this panoramic shot of both sides of Main Street, Disneyland Paris. The effect is kind of whimsical, though quite close to the real thing and it give a good impression of the rich details disneyland paris' main street is blessed by.

Beware: these panoramic shots are quite heavy, so downloads can be quite long!

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Dr Bitz said...

It's fun to see the Street as a panorama! No one can take all of it in.